1. Requester's details
  2. Details of the request
    1. Type plate details
    2. The details of the window type or solar protection accessories can be found on the type plate of your Roto product.
    3. >>Your type plate can be found here<<
    4. Please give the most accurate description possible of the damage or request regarding your Roto product. This will help us to determine the spare parts needed for the repair. Details such as left or right are to be given when looking from the inside outwards.
    5. Pictures of the complaint/invoices/other attachments/installation situation if unusual
  3. Installer's details
    1. Address of the roofer/carpenter who installed the Roto products
  4. Details of the house/building where the cause for complaint occurred
    1. Is the building address identical to the client address already entered? * *
    1. Data protection and terms of service *
    2. I have read and agree with the data protectiondeclaration and terms of service.
    3. Consent to passing on of data
    4. In case the repair cannot be carried out by Roto Dach- und Solartechnologie GmbH, I consent to my personal data that I provided in this service request being passed on to an external service partner of Roto Dach- und Solartechnologie GmbH. The service partner will use the data transmitted exclusively for the preparation of a needs-based quotation, which will be sent to me using the contact data I provided. The data will not be used in any other way.
    5. Note: Please note: maintenance and adjustment work as well as defects caused by condensed water and/or installation errors do not fall under the terms of the warranty and will be charged for.
    6. * = Mandatory fields